Basket Information


Advisor Private Portfolio

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Weston McComb as Portfolio Manager and invite you to adopt the Advisor Basket created and managed by his team.

National Bank Financial has developed this innovative Advisor Basket to allow clients of our investment advisor elite to draw maximum benefits from their relationship with our firm.

The Advisor Basket is a judicious selection of equity or debt securities that will form the core of your portfolio.

It will be managed on a discretionary basis by the highly qualified professional team you have come to know and trust. In their discretionary management they will be supervised by our Portfolio Management Department and by a special committee meeting quarterly to confirm that the Investments of the Advisor basket are at all times consistent with the investment policy of the basket.

Weston McComb, with his exceptional knowledge of investing and his years of experience with individual investments, is unquestionably among the elite of the profession. In offering you Advisor Basket, he is fully equipped to provide a management service of very high quality tailored to your investing reality.

I am delighted that Weston McComb has chosen to draw your attention to this approach, which is reserved for a limited number of investment clients and advisors. I invite you to review it now, discuss it with your advisor and subscribe to it without delay if you agree with us that this vehicle can help you exploit to the fullest the potential of your investments.